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Journal Vol 95-4

Journal Vol 95-4

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95-4 Cactus and Succulent Journal

Contents Include
Ramblin' Round Alberta Cactus Country
Written by: Rene Haasdyk, Suzanne Lariviere

Yucca baccata with Red Flowers
Written by:
Root Gorelick

Dioecy in Cactaceae: Species with Unisexual Flowers
Written by:
Michael A. Wisnev

Opuntia macrocentra and Opuntia azurea: Two Attractive and Often Confused Taxa
Written by:
A. Dean Stock

New Contact Zones between Lithops karasmontana Subsp. Eberlanzii and Lithops francisci
Written by:
Peter Beiersdorfer, Jaan K. Lepson, Hilde Mounton, Frikkie Mouton

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