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Journal Vol 93-3

Journal Vol 93-3

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Across the Andes and Back - Fred Dortort

Echinomastus Intertextus - Root Gorelick

Sedum morganianum (Crassulaceae) further Observations - Miguel Chazaro-Basanes, Raul Acevedo-Rosas, and Alberto Badia I Pascual

Now What? Cochemiea with three dozen species? - Peter Breslin

Sansevieria marachiensis: a new species in north-west Uganda - Tom G. Forrest

Rediscovering Natural Populations of Hohenbergia correia-araujoi Pereira & Moutinho, a rare yet widely used ornamental bromeliad - Everton Hilo De Sousa. Brayan Paiva Caralcante, and Lidyanne Yuriko Salemeoana

A New pest of Aloes - Pijava Vachajitan and Tim Harvey

Conservation of the aboriginal prickly-apple (Harrisia aboriginum), an endangered cactus endemic of southwest Florida - Shawn McCourt, Sally M. Chambers, and Bruce K. Holst

Agaves of Oaxaca: Part one. Two recently described species: Agave megalodonta and Agave quiotepecensis - Gregg D. Starr

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