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Journal Vol 85-4

Journal Vol 85-4

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July-August 2013


  • Echeveria rosea Lindley (Crassulaceae), a hummingbird-dependent succulent epiphyte H. DAVID JIMENO SEVILLA, ANGÉLICA M. HERNÁNDEZ RAMÍREZ & THORSTEN KRÖMER
  • “Rare and Novel Species” Singular Words and Curious Plants sent by Karwinski from Oaxaca & Puebla, 1826-1832 CATHERINE PHILLIPS
  • Should endangered plants be propagated commercially? - an opinion BILL THORNTON
  • Reinventing the Cactus Garden: An incredible hermitage near Joshua Tree National Park MAUREEN GILMER
  • Plant labels easy, tough and inconspicuous ROBERT & JEANETTE MUSTACICH
  • Superb Succulents DUKE BENADOM
  • Aloe barbarajeppeae TA McCoy & Lavranos; a longoverdue tribute TOM A. McCOY & JOHN J. LAVRANOS

On the cover: The harsh environment of the Kaokoveld in northwest Namibia has a profound effect on the plants living there. This Welwitschia mirabilis, photographed by Tim Harvey, was one of a small population, which included many young plants, found on a low hill some 45 miles from the coast.Selflessly forgoing comfort and a decent breakfast, renowned aloe hunter, Tom McCoy braved below freezing temperatures waiting for the sun to rise on a lonely hill in South Africa so he could capture the first rays of dawn’s light on this exciting new species of aloe described in the pages of this edition of the Journal. That said, he confided in me that upon reaching a civilized, little highland town later in the day, he rewarded himself with a hearty brunch of prime cut South African bacon, crepe-wrapped bananas topped with cinnamon sugar and a fine pot of locally grown coffee. Ah, the life and perils a plant explorer must endure


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