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Journal Vol 84-5

Journal Vol 84-5

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September-October 2012


  • Tiny Stars: four cryptic Cacti of Northern Arizona Peter Breslin
  • How to combine responsible species description, Biodiversity protection and the activities of Amateur Botanists Maurizio Dioli
  • The New Black and White Irwin Lightstone
  • Euphorbia antiquorum and James Bond Root Gorelick
  • An Unusual Epiphytic Succulent: Aichryson tortuosum Ray Stephenson
  • Opuntia fragilis in MinnesotaEric Ribbens & Henry Fieldseth
  • Old News from Comondu: Interesting news from Baja CaliforniaWolfgang H. Blum & Michael J. Lange

On the cover: Peter Breslin captured the extravagant spines of Pediocactus peeblesianus subsp. fickeiseniae in fruit, near House Rock Valley, AZ.


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