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Journal Vol 84-1

Journal Vol 84-1

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  • Not just pretty: Euphorbia clavarioides in Johannesburg’s Muti Market by D. Russell Wagner
  • Two spectacular species of Araceae (Arum-lilies) and two interesting succulent orchids from Zambia by Graham Williamson
  • Succulents for Leisure and Pleasure, for Education and Science: The Zürich Succulent Plant Collection— 80 years in the service of succulent plant popularization by Urs eggli & Gabriela s. Wyss
  • A Troglodytic Succulent: Sedum fragrans by Ray Stephenson
  • “Nichi”, an interesting Echeveria hybrid made in Argentina by Tiky Maatz
  •  Did the Romans grow Succulents in Iberia? by Gideon F. Smith and Estrela Figueiredo
  • New finds in Haworthia by M B Bayer
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