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Haseltonia 24

Haseltonia 24

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    Drosanthemum decumbens (Aizoaceae), a new status for an obligatory cremnophyte from the Western Cape, South Africa
    Ernst van Jaarsveld

    A putative intercladal Echinopsis s.l. (Cactaceae) hybrid from Andean Chile
    Urs Eggli & Mario Giorgetta

    Natural history notes for the columnar, globular and semi-epiphytic cactus species of the island of Puerto Rico
    Roberto Carrera-Martínez, Jorge Ruiz-Arocho, Laura Aponte-Díaz & David A. Jenkins

    Anthropic pressure on the diversity of Cactaceae in a region of Atlantic Forest in Eastern Brazil
    Weverson Cavalcante Cardoso, Alice Calvente, Valquíria Ferreira Dutra & Cassia Mônica Sakuragui

    Notes on the typification and nomenclature of Agave dissimulans Trelease, Agave convallis Trelease, and Agave kerchovei Lem. (Asparagaceae: Agavoideae / Agavaceae)
    Gideon F. Smith, Estrela Figuereido & Greg Starr

    The taxonomy of Kalanchoe hirta Harv. and K. crenata (Andrews) Haw. (Crassulaceae), and reinstatement of K. hirta as a distinctive, endemic species from Southern and south-tropical Africa
    Gideon F. Smith, Estrela Figueiredo & Neil R. Crouch

    A new species of Ceropegia sect. Rhytidocaulon (Apocynaceae) from southern Yemen
    Pavel Hanáček & Peter V. Bruyns

    Areole changes during bark formation on Saguaro cacti
    Lance S. Evans and Ryan L’Abbate

    Historical note about rooting succulent leaf cuttings
    Root Gorelick

    Many cacti have clusters of terminal tracheids on their cortical bundles
    James D. Mauseth
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