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Haseltonia 27

Haseltonia 27

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    Kalanchoe Adans. subg. Fernandesiae Gideon F.Sm. (Crassulaceae subfam. Kalanchooideae), a new subgenus from southern and south-tropical Africa
    Gideon F. Smith

    Tylecodon ectypus, a new cliff dwelling species from the Skaaprivier, northern Namaqualand (Northern Cape Province), South Africa
    Ernst J. van Jaarsveld & Florent Grenier

    The taxonomy of Agave lophantha Schiede (1829) and A. univittata Haw. (1831) (Asparagaceae subfam. Agavoideae / Agavaceae) and the typification of both names
    Joachim Thiede, Gideon F. Smith, Estrela Figueiredo & Greg D. Starr

    Notes on the natural geographical distribution range of the Madagascan Kalanchoe dinklagei Rauh (Crassulaceae subfam. Kalanchooideae)
    Gideon F. Smith, Sven Bernhard, Joachim Thiede & Martin Nickol

    Mediocactus hahnianus: a resolved enigma and a new chapter of its history
    Roberto Kiesling, Lidia Pérez de Molas, Luis Oakley, Daniel Schweich, M. Laura las Peñas, Aymeric de Barmon & Detlev Metzing

    The Coryphantha sneedii complex is indeed complex and continuously intergrades with Coryphantha vivipara
    Root Gorelick

    A reevaluation of the Agave kerchovei complex (Asparagaceae/Agavoideae) including expanded descriptions of three species
    Greg D. Starr

    Comparison of protein extraction methods from seeds
    of three Opuntia (Cactaceae) species
    David I. Warren, Peter H. Quach & Anne R. Gaillard

    The dioecious Adenia natalensis Wilde (Passifloraceae): discovery and description of the female
    Neil R. Crouch & David G.A. Styles

    Synseeds for propagation and preservation of Ferocactus peninsulae (Cactaceae) and xeromorphic adaptations of seedlings
    Manokari M., Priyadharshini S. & Mahipal S. Shekhawat

    Neotypification of Rhipsalis rhombea (Rhipsalideae, Cactaceae) and its taxonomic history
    Ralf Bauer & Nadja Korotkova

    Examination of reticulate evolution involving Haageocereus and Espostoa
    Mónica Arakaki, Pablo Speranza, Pamela S. Soltis & Douglas E. Soltis

    Ultra-thin hairy new shoots on belowground cuttings of recently rooted Cylindropuntia leptocaulis (Cactaceae)
    Root Gorelick

    Succulent Peruvian species of Peperomia subgenus Panicularia
    Guillermo Pino, Ricardo Fernández & Marie-Stéphanie Samain

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