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Haseltonia 23

Haseltonia 23

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    Invited review: Comparative analysis of load adaptation strategies in columnar cacti and hardwood trees
    Hannes Schwager

    Morphology and anatomy support a reclassification of the African succulent taxa of Senecio s.l. (Asteraceae: Senecioneae)
    Danielle Cicuzza, Danielle Sombra Stäheli, Reto Nyffeler and Urs Eggli

    Nomenclatural proliferation and the superabundance of homotypic synonyms in Grusonia (Opuntioideae, Cactaceae)
    Rolando T. Bárcenas and Julie A. Hawkins

    Architectural effects on floral traits in Sedum praealtum DC. (Crassulaceae) in Mexico
    Angélica María Hernández-Ramírez

    Extending the natural distribution range of Astroloba herrei Uitewaal (Asphodelaceae: Alooideae): implications for its conservation status
    Steven Molteno, Gideon F. Smith and Ernst van Jaarsveld

    Gasteria koenii, a new Gasteria species from the Swartberg, Western-Cape, South Africa
    Ernst van Jaarsveld

    Bulbine dewetii, a new cliff-dwelling Bulbine species (Asphodelaceae) from the Western Cape
    Ernst van Jaarsveld

    Notes on Kalanchoe rotundifolia (Haw.) Haw. (Crassulaceae) in Southern Africa: the taxonomy of a species complex
    Gideon F. Smith and Estrela Figuereido

    The identity of Kalanchoe paniculata Harv. (Crassulaceae), a common species in southeastern and south-tropical africa
    Gideon F. Smith and Estrela Figuereido

    New records of Cactaceae from Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain)

    Filip Verloove, Águedo Marrero Rodríguez, Marcos Salas-Pascual and Alessandro Guiggi

    Typification of the names Agave gustaviana J.N.Haage & E.Schmidt and A. maximiliana Baker (Asparagaceae / Agavaceae)
    Gideon F. Smith

    Flowering phenology and observations on the pollination biology of South American cacti. 3. Temporally robust sequential “big bang” flowering of two unrelated sympatric globular cacti in northern Argentina
    Urs Eggli and Mario Giorgetta

    Leipoldtia nevillei (Aizoaceae: Ruschieae), a new species from coastal Namaqualand, South Africa
    Cornelia Klak and Peter V. Bruyns

    Organ pipe cactus, Stenocereus thurberi, with fleshy leaves on spherical short-shoots that have indeterminate growth
    Root Gorelick
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