What countries do you ship to?

Seeds are available worldwide with the exception of European Countries, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Chile

What is the cost per packet?

Our seed packets are $1.50/each

How much is shipping?

$6.00 for all US orders and $17.00 for all international orders, where allowed

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How many seeds per packet?

Generally 20-25 seeds are included per packet, unless specified otherwise. One packet per species per order is the general rule, but some varieties are available in larger quantities.

Please list substitutes, in the comments, or substitutions will be made at the Director’s discretion.

Can I purchase via mail order?

Yes! Please send check or money order, in US currency, payable to CSSA:

PO Box 41187
Pasadena CA 91114, USA

Please list which seed packets you would like. For US orders, add $6 for postage. For International orders, add $17 for postage.

We are always looking for cleaned, identified cactus and succulent seeds!

In keeping with CSSA's conservation policy, donors affirm that seeds were legally harvested. Contact the Director of the Seed Depot for more information: